Stateless Session Bean Lifecycle

  • A stateless session bean instance’s life starts when the container invokes the newInstance method on the session bean class to create a new session bean instance.
  • Next, the container performs any dependency injection as specified by metadata annotations on the bean class or by the deployment descriptor.
  • The container then calls the PostConstruct lifecycle callback interceptor methods for the bean, if any.
  • The container can perform the instance creation at any time.
  • The session bean instance is now ready to be delegated a business method call from any client or a call from the container to a timeout callback method.
  • When the container no longer needs the instance (usually when the container wants to reduce the number of instances in the method-ready pool), the container invokes the PreDestroy lifecycle callback interceptor methods for it, if any. This ends the life of the stateless session bean instance.

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