call service management

CALL SERVICE Smart way of managing your organization

Now you can engage and inspire your customers with the help of our SAAS based call service management application. This application focuses on engagement against one way communication and fully transforms it into a two way channel of communication. With our refreshingly new take on call centre service management, you can give your call centre and employees a better understanding of your customers so that they can quickly solve their problems and win the long term loyalty you have been waiting for.

reason to use call service management

Reason to use CALL SERVICE APP

  • Give your employees the best tools to maximize productivity
  • Let your customers know you are always thinking about them
  • Identify the problems quickly and increase customer loyalty
  • Connect to your customers and know what’s on their mind
  • Easier to track your star employees and shower accolades
  • Data drives experience
  • Pay as you go

Streamlined Quality Management

The application allows to know what your customers are thinking about your services with our prompt feedback system. You can engage with customers and retain what they think about your services. The application allows for the customer’s feedback and opinion about the services provided on various parameters. This will allow you to understand your strengths and weakness and allow you to work upon it and provide for a strong customer retention.

Customer Engagement Centre

With our flexible cloud based software, you can enable your call centre representatives to effectively service your customers. This will result in an increase in customer satisfaction, reduction in attrition and a definite increase in brand loyalty. The intuitive UI of the application allows the customer care representatives to

customer purchase and service history

Customer purchase and service history

create a service ticket

Create a service ticket

schedule time for service

Schedule time for service

print visitor

Improve your customer care representative experience

Customer satisfaction is the key to every successful business and the application will make sure your customers always get the most prompt and the most refreshing experience. The application will allow you to identify the types of problems faced by the customer, whether it is repetitive or a new one. This will allow to put cases on top priority depending upon the type of problem and sort it out as soon as possible.

Automatic reminders to clients and engineers

The application ensures that your customers and engineers are in the know of the appointments well in advance so that there is no unnecessary rescheduling of appointments.The application will send

  • SMS to the customer about the appointment
  • An email reminder for the same, for double confirmation
  • A reminder to the service engineer about the upcoming appointments
  • Information about each case to the engineer

report analysis
branch location

Employee performance management

It is important to know which departments in your organization are doing well and which departments are facing issues with the services they are providing to the customers. The feedback system not only helps to comprehend the customer’s point of view but it also helps you to understand which employees are performing well and providing great services to the customers. It also allows to identify the employees who are a bit behind compared to peers. Thus, allowing you to have a detailed employee performance chart.




Every organization has a data footprint and analysing the results from that data can make or break your results. The application allows to map the data from the services provided to understand the areas that need improvement to fill in the gaps.



With this application, you do not need to invest in big, unnecessary IT infrastructures, you can subscribe for our services and pay as you go. Not only that, you can unsusbscribe and get quick refund if you feel unsatisfied at any point. We try to make our payment process as quick and easy as possible.