TRAINING SOLUTION-to give a thrust to your business processes.

Mere knowledge would mean nothing without relevant and timely application.  Corporate Training is an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the area of competitive business.  We have a previous modules and training material that will give to use solution for the corporation.



Our instructors will come to your place and train the employees. Our instructors will act as an internal faculty, training the employees in technical and soft skills required for the company.


With off-site training, iByteCode takes responsibility in training your employees to the needs of the company. We have the infrastructure and all the facilities to effectively conduct the training and complete the course work within the stipulated time.


iByteCode understands each company has their own requirements and keeping this in mind we offer the technologies as separate modules and the companies can choose their modules to form a package which suit their immediate project needs.


Getting human resources skilled in a particular domain immediately is a daunting task. That’s why at iByteCode, we offer full-time fast track courses to train your employees in your needed technologies that can be covered as quickly as possible without any changes in course content.

unix c c ++programming

UNIX, C, C++ Programming

The world of software is filled with a whole lot of programming languages.  However,  a great way for budding programmers to initiate their way into the world of programming languages is to learn C.  You could call it the lingua franca,  when it comes to programming.  It can be adapted to suit the requirements of any development,  and its current use and the languages used to program the UNIX system,  illustrates this fact with aplomb.  Data structures and Algorithms are important since it dictates the types of operations we can perform on the data and how efficiently they can be carried out.  This Systems Programming course covers UNIX,  C/C++,  Data Structures and Algorithms in a totally UNIX environment.


Android Programming course introduces mobile application development for the Android platform.  Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system,  middleware and key applications.  The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.  This course covers all the essential features,  and explores the advanced capabilities of Android (GPS,  sensors,  connectivity and background services) to help you construct increasingly complex,  useful,  and innovative mobile applications for Android devices.

android development


Object-oriented (OO) technology has become increasingly important for managing the complexity inherent in systems analysis,  design,  and implementation.  Java is a new object-oriented language,  which is easier to learn than C++,  and its biggest benefit is that programs written in Java are more portable than programs written in other languages.  This basic Java course includes comprehensive coverage of the Java language with an introduction to Object-Oriented programming,  and how to effectively use many of the Java APIs in Java 5.0 and 6.0.  Through a combination of lectures and simple exercises,  attendees learn the benefits of encapsulation,   inheritance,  polymorphism,  and learn how these object-oriented concepts are implemented in Java.

Linux,  Apache,  MySQL,  PHP Programming (LAMP)

LAMP is an acronym for a solution stack of free, open source software,  originally coined from the first letters of Linux (operating system),  Apache HTTP Server,  MySQL (database software),  and PHP,  principal components to build a viable general purpose web server. This LAMP programming course explores the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP Web development framework and shows how that framework can help you build applications to solve common business problems.  The tutorial begins with an exploration of the LAMP architecture,  and then introduces fundamental PHP concepts.  After a solid grounding of PHP,  the tutorial explains MySQL with coverage focusing on database concepts and how to access MySQL from PHP.